Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Remodeling Our 85 Mallard camper trailer....DIY rookies making a go of it.

My partner, Stacy, and I purchased this 1985 Mallard 27ft. camper trailer from her father this year. Structurally the camper is in pretty good shape for being 26 years old. But we were not very fond of the interiors looks. So originally we were just going to change a few things here and there, but after thinking about it for a while, we decided to gut the whole thing out and start from scratch. Myself, I like DIY projects but have never tackled anything to this extreme. Stacy, she has the decorating sense and knows what she wants it to look like and it will be my job to make sure that it happens.

In this post, I am attaching the before pictures of our Mallard. Which we have yet to name her, anyone have any ideas? And I will post more as we go along the way. If anyone is reading this, maybe they can help us out along the way. Any help, ideas, and/or support is greatly appreciated.

This is our lovely bathroom before the demo began...I think this pic says it all.

Here we have the other view of the bathroom, the sink and vanity...not sure exactly what we are going to do here, but this cannot stay.  Of course you can see my reflection in the mirror, well part of me anyways.

This next picture is of our dinette area before...our issue with this is that it takes up too much room, so our plan is to remove it and replace it with a smaller table and chairs.  Our camper does not travel much as we keep it in a campground year round.

In this next picture, we have our kitchen area.  Idea here is to remove all cupboards, stove, and sink and replace.  Update them all.

One of the structural problems is in this next picture.  There is obvious rotting going on around the window.  Once we have the walls off, we will be able to see to what extent the rotting is and fix accordingly.  But this camper is 26 yrs old, so I am expecting this around the windows as that back then they did not use silicone or foam around the windows.

Next here is a storage bench, that has been useful, but we want to take it out and put a window bench in, that can be used for seating and storage.

And of course, a person cannot forget the bedroom.  It is very small, and I don't think we can do a whole lot to it but update it a bit.

This last picture is of the truly ugly and sticky couch.  Our intentions are to remove it and replace it with another window bench.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my post.  I am very excited to continue to post as we go through the remodelling.  So stay tuned everyone, there could be some very interesting things that happen on here.  Bloops and blunders, maybe even some amazing accomplishments.

Thank you, Trish & Stacy


  1. I have an idea, Replace the old sticky couch with a new hid-a-bed and add curtains on the ceiling to go around the bed when opened...otherwise tied down when the bed is closed and turn the old bedroom into an office.

  2. Can wait to see the final result. We are remodelling our 85 Nomad; no blog tho :) good luck

  3. So this was some time ago, but we just got our 1985 mallard and have been looking for ideas. Its been 3-4 years....What did you end up with? Donna

  4. So this was some time ago, but we just got our 1985 mallard and have been looking for ideas. Its been 3-4 years....What did you end up with? Donna